Book Recommendations

Weekend Reads!!!

  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Why read it? It’s super cute and very sweet. A bit unrealistic yet altogether charming.
  • Side Note: 99% of books by Christina Lauren are pretty great.
  • Random fact: For those who don’t know, Christina Lauren is two writers in one.

  • Genre: New Adult / Romance
  • Why read it? This is the kind of book you will either love or hate. It pushes the limits because there is a SIGNIFICANT age gap that will make some cringe (BUT NO underage sex!). It’s a hard NO for some. If you are looking to get you out of your comfort zone, this is it.
  • I’ve read but not rated but GR is showing a rating as 4.26 stars.
Book Recommendations

Need a Weekend Read?

  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Why read: It gets all the stars……
  • Side note: I actually read this BEFORE Reese selected this for her book club and was excited when she picked this last year.

  • Genre: Chick Lit
  • Why read: It’s a light, romantic comedy that is perfect for the weekend.
  • Side Note: I’m a Sophie Kinsella fan…..she’s can write the driest of humor for which I LOVE.

Note: I reserve the review any book recommendations in the future; however, why miss out on the chance of reading them today?

Book Reviews

Seduce Me at Sunrise

Genre: Regency Romance

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

“All the fires of hell could burn for a thousand years and it wouldn’t equal what I feel for you in one minute of the day.”

Reader, this was not supposed to be my next read but here we are 😊 . I went down the Lisa Kleypas rabbit hole a bit and I have ZERO regrets. After reading Mine Till Midnight, I needed to know the story of Win and Kev. And I was not going to be able to read another book until I knew. And guess what happened while reading this book? Lisa Kleypas, the goddess that she is, had me fall in love with the Hathaways more.

Recap: Kev Merripen has longed for Winnifred Hathaway since he was a young boy. But Kev is no gentle soul and has a past so full of darkness that he resists giving into his feelings in order to protect Win. Before long, Win is no longer a part of his daily life leaving Kev to only harden even more.

Years later when Win returns, not only is she is no longer the same woman she was before, she also returns with a new suitor who wants Win for himself. It is now or never for Kev to admit his feelings or he will risk losing Win for good…..

Review: Oh my….this book was SO ANGSTY. It is the classic story of a man thinking he is not good enough for the woman he so desperately loves. Kev is kinda a bad boy but he is not one of his own making. He is actually a really good guy. Although he is EXTREMELY STUBBORN, he is so loyal and swoon-worthy. I love his interactions with the entire family especially with Win (obviously) but especially with Leo too.

And Win is such a great heroine. In public, she is lighthearted, wholesome and always so full of grace. However in private, she is totally ballsy. Win has no issues admitting her feelings to Kev. And she purposefully puts Kev in compromising positions just to see if she can push him enough to admit what he feels. She is such a seductress…’s always the quiet ones 😉

Now we all know the Hathaways are a nosy, meddling bunch. Do they try to meddle in Kev and Win’s lives? Yes, of course they do. It’s what makes them so great. But I think what I love the most is that in the end, the entire Hathaway clan (Cam included) did right by them and left Win and Kev to resolve their feelings on their own. As we both know, Reader, the only people who can truly fix the entire Will-They / Won’t-They situation is Kev and Win.

Recommendation: Read it! How can you not want to read a swoon-worthy, angsty regency romance with a HEA by Lisa Kleypas?

Book Recommendations

Need a Weekend Read?

I was looking through some of my past e-book purchases and found three that I want to recommend without a full out review…….for now…I totally reserve the right to do a full review later on…

Genre: Thriller / Mystery

Have you read Emily Carpenter before? She’s a former screenwriter that is fairly new to the writing novels. And her books are pretty intense mysteries. Every Single Secret is my favorite of her books to date. So if you are in the mood for an all out psychological thriller, this one is for you!

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Romantic Comedy

I am a HUGE Penny Reid fan. Neanderthal Meets Human (Knitting in the City #1) was my first encounter with Penny. However, when recommending Penny to anyone I like to start with this novel. Why? It introduces the Winston Brother Series and has the Knitting in the City Series Characters in it as well. It is considered to be #4 in the Knitting Series yet 0.5 in the Winston Brother Series…….therefore, you are introduced to not one – but TWO – Penny Reid series. Plus, Penny Reid is a force to be reckoned with.

Genre: Young Adult / Fiction

This book was recommended to me by one of my besties. It is a super cute YA book about two misfits who bond over music. It is super sweet, heart warming and emotional. And there is conflict, mostly abuse related, too. It’s not all cupcakes and rainbows. If you are in the mood a read regarding first loves, this one is for you!

Have a wonderful weekend!