Book Recommendations

Need a Weekend Read?

  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Why read: It gets all the stars……
  • Side note: I actually read this BEFORE Reese selected this for her book club and was excited when she picked this last year.

  • Genre: Chick Lit
  • Why read: It’s a light, romantic comedy that is perfect for the weekend.
  • Side Note: I’m a Sophie Kinsella fan…..she’s can write the driest of humor for which I LOVE.

Note: I reserve the review any book recommendations in the future; however, why miss out on the chance of reading them today?

Shameless Plugs

Calling All Romance Readers

Have you heard about Romance Read of the Month Club? I’ve been using it for over a year now thanks to a tidbit from Penny Reid (Have you read Penny Reid? She’s fabulous). It’s a free service that sends you a FREE romance book every month.

Free books? Is this legitimate? Yes. It is legitimate. The authors themselves give permission for the free downloads. I assume the authors do it as a way to promote themselves, to get new readers, etc.

What’s the catch? There is a tiny catch. When you download the book which comes via email and is downloaded through Bookfunnel, you will be asked to sign up for the author’s newsletters. Not a huge deal.

Last year, the club featured authors like Mariana Zapata and Penny Reid. This year, they are featuring Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Samantha Young, Jennifer Probst, Sarina Bowen, Julia Kent and many more!

As to the reasons why I am shamelessly plugging them? Reading for a hobby / book blogging is not cheap and I know a lot are on limited funds just like myself. (Side note: Wouldn’t be nice to have unlimited book funds?) Romance Read of the Month Club offers an avenue for you to receive free books besides the library or however else you may LEGITIMATELY AND LEGALLY obtain your free books. Plus with all the disturbing piracy issues happening in Romancelandia these days, we as readers need to make sure we are doing things the right way. 😊

For more information or to sign up, go to

Disclaimer: This is a completely shameless plug. I do not receive anything for sharing. No money, no free books, no fame. I only do this to promote things that I find entertaining in hope my readers do too.

Book Reviews

The Other Woman by Sandie Jones

Genre: Thriller / Mystery

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 or maybe🌟🌟🌟🌟

Recommended by: Reese’s Book Club, Hello Sunshine

Review: Emily meets the adorable, charming Adam at a hotel bar and they hit it off almost immediately. Their love affair is all kinds of cute until Emily meets his mother, Pammie. Pammie is a stage 5 clingy mom who does everything in her power to split the two apart. Pammie wants Emily gone forever.

Full honesty? I think I am going to have to pause Hello Sunshine’s recommendation for a bit. This is the third novel I have read based on their picks and I am just exhausted. Of the 3, only one,
Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, received a 5 star rating. The Light We Lost was a 1 star rating. As for this novel? I don’t even know how to rate it. I keep contemplating it. Is it a 3 star? Is it a 4 star? I guess you can just say 3.5 but really….it could be more than that.

If I based the rating on the writing alone with consideration that this is the author’s debut, the author should get a 4 star review. There is many twists and turns that will give readers metaphorical whiplash. I feel as if the author intentionally wants to have the reader scream at the characters, especially the heroine, the entire time. And the novel will keep your attention. It is addicting.

If I base it off of the plot only, I give it a 3. The plot was a little predictable at times. I didn’t necessarily enjoy Emily’s idiocy. I also didn’t enjoy one of the subplots that I can not discuss without spoilers (If you read it, come back to tell me and we can discuss said subplot). And I wanted more than what the ending and epilogue gave. It falls flat.

I can’t really give too much detail or even my normal loves / hates with this review without running the risk of spoiling it. You really just need to read it.

Recommendation: If you like solid thrillers that are addictive, read it! If not, go ahead and pass on this one.