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The Month of Gratitude

Honestly, every month should be filled with gratitude but November always carries it heavier than most due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I am grateful for so many things: my family, my child, books, the blogging community, bookstagrammers, writers, coffee, and so on. I am also grateful for you, Reader. Thank you for reading my blog.

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Why Didn’t the Skeleton Cross the Road?

Answer: He didn’t have any guts! Happy Halloween, Reader!! It’s already time for October’s monthly wrap up. The back half of the year always flies. How did your reading month go? Mine went well; however, I do wish I made more time for spooky reads. Maybe next year, right? Before we begin, I’m an Amazon

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Fall Into September

September has come and gone. Summer officially ended and Autumn began. It’s always a busy month here at Jennifer Mitchell, Bibliolater so let’s get down to this month’s recap. Before we begin, I’m an Amazon affiliate (until I get kicked out 😂)…so if you are interested in purchasing these books, click on the pictures below.

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