Book Boyfriend / Book Bae

New Blog Feature: Book Boyfriends / #BookBae

Romancelandia, which I am very well a resident of if you cannot tell from the majority of my book reviews or my GR shelf, has the wonderful concept of Book Boyfriends or Book Baes. I am a firm believer that a Reader can have as many book boyfriends as they would like so I’m going to introduce fictional men (at least monthly) who would easily make the most swoon-worthy / most dreamy / most perfect book boyfriends/book baes/book husbands. I really hope you enjoy this…..

With that being said, who gets the honor to be the first book boyfriend? Well….as cliche as it may be, I have to give the honor to the first man I ever fell in love with in a book and that man is….I’m sure you guessed it by now….none other than…….

FITZWILLIAM DARCY (Yes, I totally went there…please hold your groans but I have to give respect where respect is due). Do I even need to explain my pick? Mr. Darcy of Jane Austen’s, Pride and Prejudice has basically set the bar for all men unbeknownst to them. And I will not apologize for it. He’s villainous…a bad boy…broody…prideful…handsome….says the most unfortunate lines when attempting to woo Elizabeth Bennett……yet, A LOT OF WOMEN LOVE HIM including this one.

So here’s to you…Fitzwilliam Darcy, the man who’s been setting up unrealistic expectations since 1813.

Photo courtesy of Fandom