About Me

What’s a Bibliolater? It’s a person who is passionately enthusiastic about books!!!

Hi! I’m Jennifer Mitchell!

From the moment I could read, I was absolutely hooked. I remember always having a book for my ride on the school bus. I was often bullied by two older boys on that bus because of my love of books. But did that deter me? No. Absolutely not. My childhood best friend kept me supplied in books as she had so many and I had so few. The library became my friend. Annual book fairs at school became like Christmas. As the years past, my love for great stories grew and grew. Reading became my haven, my escape from the real world. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Why Did I Start A Book Blog?

I wanted to turn my love for reading into more but I also wanted to create a safe place for book worms to come to get a new book recommendation or to read fun book lists…..a place they can trust!!

Goodreads is a great place for reviews; however, have you notice a lot of users will rate a book before it comes out? Or how they will rate a book without even reading it? That drives me bonkers! Absolutely bonkers!

Sites run by actual publishers are great too but you have to keep in mind that they are want to sell you their books. Can they be trusted? Sure. But wouldn’t it be better to have an outside source as well?

That’s my goal!

What Do I Read?

Everything.   I’m a moody reader. I like romances, thrillers, contemporary fiction, fantasy, and YA. I like historical fiction and mythology and nonfiction too. I read self-help every once in a while. And when I’m in a book rut, I tend to go back to the classics.  So yea….everything.

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Hope you enjoy my blog! Happy Reading!

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