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Have you grabbed Hot Mess yet?

What do you do when the whole world has seen you getting down and dirty in a broom closet?

I, Elle Evans, am on the run.
Not from the fuzz—although that would be more exciting.
No, I’m on the run from the four-year-old private tape that, thanks to my vengeful ex, has probably already ruined my vlogging career.
There’s nothing like the entire world knowing what you look like mid-O.
Creek Keys, Florida, is a million miles away from NYC and the perfect place for me to hide for the rest of summer until I can figure out what I’m going to do. Something that’s easier said than done since my new landlord’s daughter thinks you’re God’s greatest gift. Even better? Their beach house is right next to the one I’m renting, so there’s no getting away from her—or her hot, British dad.
Who most definitely does not think I’m role model material.
He might be right.
The problem is that neither of us can say no to her.
Or each other.

Review by Jennifer Mitchell, Bibliolater

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Bookish Tip: Read to imagine you are in the Keys of Florida and not in quarantine.

Special thanks to Emma Hart for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

When I received the advance copy for Emma Hart’s Hot Mess, I went in knowing what would happen based on the perfectly manicured formula Emma has concocted over the last few years.

But you know what? I was wrong and I am all about being wrong. Is there still sarcasm? Of course. Is there still a quirky grandmother squad running around? You bet ya!

But what made this book different is Elle’s character. After being set up, Elle finds herself in the Florida Keys (one of my favorite places on earth) hiding in a beach cottage owned by one hot British single father and his adorable nine year old daughter. Theo does not like or trust Elle at first. But what he soon realizes – and so does the reader – is that Elle is not who she seems to be. She’s not irrelevant. She’s not really even a hot mess. She’s smart, funny and cares more about how the scandal will effect the young girls that watch her YouTube challenge more than how it effects her. She has more depth.

Overall, Hot Mess is going down as one of my favorite Emma Hart’s (Nothing beats Being Brooke, sorry not sorry). It’s a super fun, quirky break from reality. Plus, It is an enemies to lovers – my favorite troupe.

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About Emma Hart

Emma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels and has been translated into several different languages.
She is a mother, wife, lover of wine, Pink Goddess, and valiant rescuer of wild baby hedgehogs.
Emma prides herself on her realistic, snarky smut, with comebacks that would make a PMS-ing teenage girl proud.

Yes, really. She’s that sarcastic.

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