ARC / Book Review: The Woman In The Mirror

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The Woman In the Mirror

By: Rebecca James

Governess Alice Miller loves Winterbourne the moment she sees it. Towering over the Cornish cliffs, its dark corners and tall turrets promise that, if Alice can hide from her ghosts anywhere, it’s here.

And who better to play hide and seek with than twins Constance and Edmund? Angelic and motherless, they are perfect little companions.


Adopted at birth, Rachel’s roots are a mystery. So, when a letter brings news of the death of an unknown relative, Constance de Grey, Rachel travels to Cornwall, vowing to uncover her past.

With each new arrival, something in Winterbourne stirs. It’s hiding in the paintings. It’s sitting on the stairs.

It’s waiting in a mirror, behind a locked door.


Genre: Mystery

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bookish Tip: Read in October as this is one creepy ghost story.

Special thanks to Minotaur Books for the advance copy in exchange of an honest review.

The Woman In The Mirror by Rebecca James is one of the creepiest books I have read in a long time. It even beats Soren Sveistrup’s The Chestnut Man. I had zero expectations going into this ghost mystery and came out pleasantly surprised.

Told in two perspectives, The Woman In The Mirror will lead you through quite the mystery. The plot slowly builds piece by piece, twist by twist until you are left with one fantastic ending.

The house itself, Winterbourne, makes this story. It is haunted by an evil witch who took her life to avoid persecution by the man she loved. Therefore, the house focuses on driving the women insane and uses the children to do some of the bidding.

Recommendation: The Woman In The Mirror is heartbreaking and tragic in so many ways. Read it especially if you like spooky, ghost stories.

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