Self Care Tip: Read A Book!

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March felt like an entire decade, am I right? Do you know what got me through it? BOOKS!

My favorite way to get books is through Book of the Month! Why? I get a new book every month. Shipping is free! And I don’t have to leave the house to get it! What more could I ask for!?!?!?!?!

You can get your FIRST box for just $9.99 (plus tax, if applicable) using code TAKECARE by clicking on any of the pictures below…….

BOTM April Selections

Quick Take: Nothing like a “friendly” writing competition to set the scene for some quirky, cute, inter-author love.

This is my pick for the month! At times like these, I need a light read!

Quick Take: Plot twist: This high-profile wedding starts with a murder. You’ll be left to guess whodunit alongside its guests.

Quick Take: A brutal crime divides the strong-willed women of a Texas oil town in this profoundly feminist account of survival.

This is Jenna’s pick for the month! #ReadWithJenna

Quick Take: History sprinkled with magic: Two students (and a mythical being) seek safety and love in this WWII saga set in China.

Quick Take: Is there anything dreamier than artists in 1920s Paris? Between these pages, you can almost smell the croissants.


Disclaimer: Quick takes are provided by Book of the Month. As a BOTM affiliate, I get a small commission for the new members that sign up through my link. The commission is at no additional cost to you.

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