Social Distancing Check In: How You Doin’?

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In full disclosure, I feel a little helpless these days because I am not a medical professional or an essential employee. So I got to thinking… can I help others in this weird social distancing society (thank you Coronavirus/COVID 19….and by thank, I really mean @#$% you) ?

That’s when I came up with this post. At the very least, I can a) ask you how you are doing and b) provide you with a list of G rated ideas to do while we are in this alternate universe!

How You Doin’?

Tell me, my virtual friend, how are you coping with social distancing? Are you an extrovert struggling to find your inner introvert? Are you an introvert that is enjoying this time? Are you somewhere in between?

Personally, I am somewhere in between but more towards being awesome. I’m staying as positive as possible. It’s in my nature to do so and I want to stay as true to myself as possible. I think that is key to keeping our sanity. Staying true to ourselves. You do you, right?

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Ideas To Pass The Time Away…

Need some new ideas to cure your boredom? Here are just a few……

  • Read a book (I’ve got lots of suggestions on this site!).
  • Binge watch Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.
  • Watch a movie – did you know some new releases are being released On Demand? Did you know it is a cheaper option than going to the actual movie theater? Pair it with some popcorn or your favorite snacks.
  • Pick one household project to complete per day: yard work, organizing, cleaning out your closet or garage, paint a room if supplies are available, stage your living room differently, deep cleaning.
  • Bullet journal
  • If you have a pet, get as many pet cuddles as you can.
  • Have a game night.
  • Try new recipes from a cookbook, Pinterest or a food blog.
  • Shower daily – trust me on that one. It will make you feel better.
  • On top of showering, do your hair or your nails or your makeup.
  • Take a long bubble bath.
  • Exercise! YouTube has some good videos including yoga classes. Personally, I run. My family has also been picking one outdoor sport to play a day (soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball). My 5 year old has learned to ride his bike without the training wheels!
  • Get some fresh air even if it’s cold outside. The sun provides Vitamin D!
  • Miss your friends? FaceTime (or video chat) with them!
  • Limit your social media intake. It’s good for your soul. I don’t mean to disconnect completely…..just don’t spend 8 hours on your social media site of choice. Take a break!
  • CALL a friend or family member…not text. CALL!

Lastly, we are all in this together. So if you need to chat with someone or you need some encouraging words, seek it! If you have more ideas, tell me in the comments below and I’ll add them to this list with credit to you, of course!

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