What’s on the other side of the rainbow?


What’s on the other side of the rainbow? A Book of the Month subscription, of course! Getting a box of books every month is just as good as a box of gold.

Ok…may be that is stretching it. But the blue BOTM box sure does bring a lot of happiness!

Get your FIRST box for just $9.99 (plus tax, if applicable) using code SKY5 by clicking on any of the pictures below…….

BOTM March Selections

Writers and Lovers by Lily King is also Jenna’s pick (#ReadwithJenna).

Quick Take: “From the author of Euphoria, an intimate introspective of an aspiring writer who’s tangled in love with two men..”

Quick Take: “A teenage romance throws two families into chaos, striking tensions between race and class in a quaint suburban town.”

Quick Take: “Thanks to magic, a fiancé finds her dead husband-to-be very much alive in her dreams. Cue all the daytime naps.”

My pick! I really liked One Day in December written by Josie Silver and .ould not let this one by!

Quick Take: “A meticulous deep dive into the incredible moves (and quirky moods) of Britain’s top player during the Blitz.”

My second pick! That’s right…..I got this one as an add-on. I have always been intrigued by history and decided to get it!

Quick Take: “Conspiracy theorists, rejoice! A former CIA member, framed for murder, unearths some shocking government secrets.


Disclaimer: Quick takes are provided by Book of the Month. As a BOTM affiliate, I get a small commission for the new members that sign up through my link. The commission is at no additional cost to you.

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