A Romance Book List: Enemies to Lovers

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!! In honor of this lovely holiday, I am featuring a book list of one of my favorite romance troupes: Enemies to Lovers. SWOON!

Who can really blame me for loving this troupe so much? This troupe features tales as old as times, songs as old as rhymes….. One of my favorite books in the entire world is Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy HATE each other at first. They are the OG of enemies to lovers.

I also love this troupe because a lot of enemies to lovers romances are full of ANGSTY reads, SLOW BURNS, and they tend to just ooze CHEMISTRY.

And my favorite part of all? I love to try to pinpoint when the two begin to bend…..when they start to fall and who falls first…..and how they finally admit their feelings for each other – normally in some type of GRAND GESTURE. BIG SWOONY SIGH.

So without further ado, here are my favorite enemies to lovers with a quirky quick take or two……

Enemies to Lovers

*shown in alphabetical order*

Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid: A doctor and a celebrity comedian….what more could you ask for?

From Lukov With Love by Mariana Zapata: Ivan and Jasmine’s history is full of hate from the start. The dude even calls her Meatball….yet, there is so much more that meets the eye in this one.

Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert: Chloe and Red are laugh out loud funny even through all of that angst.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne: Soon to be a movie, Lucy and Josh share an office, are consistently trying to one up each other and then are forced to compete for the same job.

The Opposite of You by Rachel Higginsin: All Vera wants is to run her food truck and share her food with the world..or at least the city. She didn’t ask for Killian Quinn’s, a famous chef, opinion…..especially his thoughts on salt.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: The classic that started it all and gave women unrealistic expectations for ever and ever. THIS IS THE OG. Also, it’s MR DARCY!

The Simple Wild by KA Tucker: Calla and Jonah’s chemistry is off the charts but even you will hate Jonah at first, too.

Tattered on My Sleeve by Autumn Jones Lake: Trinity and Wrath’s relationship is one giant rocky road. Wrath can be down right mean. It is also not a standalone – Book #4 in the Lost Kings MC Series – but I just had to include them.

Well Met by Jen DeLuca: A EXTREMELY fun rom-com that takes place at a Renaissance faire.

Before you go…I know there are TONS of Enemies to Lovers books out there. I only put books on the list that I have personally read. If your favorite is not listed, tell me in comments below and I will add it to my TBR!

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