Need a Valentine for Your Favorite Bookworm?

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what is a better for a bookworm than a Book of the Month Subscription??

Don’t have a Valentine? That’s OK too! Treat yourself to a Book of the Month Subscription! You are awesome! You are amazing! You deserve it!

Get your FIRST box for just $9.99 (plus tax, if applicable) using code HEART by clicking on any of the pictures below…….

BOTM February Selections

Not only is this a debut novel, it is also Jenna’s pick (#ReadwithJenna).

Quick Take: “A hopeful coming-of-age, where a young Nigerian woman strives to finish her education and life the life she wants.”

Quick Take: “An unexplained NYC suicide leads one woman to connect (accidentally-on-purpose) with a mysterious, elite group.”

Quick Take: “For the Serial fans: An infamous jury is stuck with another murky murder ten years after their controversial verdict.”

Quick Take: “This is an early release that is a darker version of Gossip Girl, where filthy-rich Manhattan kids are up to more than you would think.”

Quick Take: “This month, we’re partnering with Oprah to offer her most recent Book Club pick to our members.”

However, I have to also disclaim that there is a lot of discussion and controversy surrounding American Dirt. Tread carefully, my friends.


Disclaimer: Quick takes are provided by Book of the Month. As a BOTM affiliate, I get a small commission for the new members that sign up through my link. The commission is at no additional cost to you.

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