A Must For All Bookworms

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This past summer I needed a way to protect my books when traveling and one of my bookish friends recommended a book sleeve from the Etsy shop called Novel Nuzzler. And the rest is history!

The book sleeves I purchased are my favorite bookish accessory of 2019. They are absolute lifesavers. No offense to the airlines but they are quite rough with checked baggage. But do you know what protected my books in my checked bag? My NOVEL NUZZLERS.

Suzanne, the owner of the shop answers questions via email or DM on Instagram quickly which makes life and ordering so much easier.

Novel Nuzzler specializes in the wide range of fabrics available (characters, polkadots, holiday, sports and so much more). The highlights on the shop’s Instagram page shows all there is to offer. Customized orders can be purchased at the same price as pre-made book sleeves. All book sleeves are made and mailed within 48 hours.

There are 4 different sizes….all of which you can see in the picture below:

  • Rusty (Women Print) – fits mass paperbacks and Kindle paperwhites
  • Sasha (Book Shelf Print) – fits trade paperbacks
  • Leo (Checked Print)- fits YA hardcovers
  • Lucky (Alice In Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast Prints) – fits hardcovers (including most BOTM books)

I love my book sleeves so much that I am now a rep for the shop (Full disclosure: I do not make any profit as a rep but I did get a new book sleeve). Use offer code JEN10 to get 10% discount off your order.

Book sleeves make AWESOME holiday and birthday presents. And with the holidays around the corner, why not gift a book sleeve?

Novel Nuzzler IG Link


Novel Nuzzler Etsy Shop


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