Why Didn’t the Skeleton Cross the Road?

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Answer: He didn’t have any guts!

Happy Halloween, Reader!! It’s already time for October’s monthly wrap up. The back half of the year always flies. How did your reading month go? Mine went well; however, I do wish I made more time for spooky reads. Maybe next year, right?

Before we begin, I’m an Amazon affiliate (until I get kicked out 😂)…so if you are interested in purchasing these books or need to make another purchase, click on the pictures below. If not, it’s cool. No big deal. To read my reviews, click on the title of the book.

October ARCS / Book Reviews

Baking Me Crazy | Karla Sorenson | Romance | 4 Stars

In The Hall With The Knife | Diana Peterfreund | YA | 3 Stars

Happy Trail | Daisy Prescott | Romance | 3 Stars

Kiss Me Again | Emma Hart | Romance | 4 Stars

Taming My Whiskey | Melissa Foster | Romance | 4.5 Stars

Love in Due Time | LB Dunbar | Romance | 4 Stars

The Whisper Man | Alex North | Thriller | 5 Stars

The Institute | Stephen King | Thriller | 4 Stars

Jennifer Mitchell, BibliolaterOctober Awards & Accolades

Five Star and Favorite of the Month: The Whisper Man by Alex North. I get so excited when I think or talk about this creepy read. I 100% recommend it. I even text my dad and told him to read it.

Most Refreshing Romance Read: Love in Due Time by LB Dunbar

Book Lists, Spotlights & Blog Tours, Oh My!

⚪ Did you read this month’s Have You Met….? Melissa Foster, one of the coolest romance authors I know, took the time to answer a few questions. DON’T MISS THIS FEATURE!!

⚪ Did you see my newest book list, 4 Bone Chilling Reads with a Twist? What’s the twist? Click to find out!

⚪ I had two posts that generated a good amount of comments: Book Synopsis: Yay or Nay? and Are You In A Reading Slump? These both took a lot of research on my part and I could not be happier with the results.

⚪ The Fall Book Tag was featured using the books I’ve read in 2019 so far.

⚪ Smartypants Romance debuted in October. If you don’t know about Smartypants Romance OR you want a preview of the upcoming books, click HERE.

⚪ Blog Tours: There were a total of 6 blog tours this month ranging from YA to horror to romance. Helena Hunting, Penny Reid, Liz Butcher, Mary Catherine Gebhard, Sarah Lampkin and a collaborative piece by Russ Calchamiro, Sawney Hatton, and Patrick Thomas were all featured. If you miss any, you can find them under Bookish Fun/New Releases.

November Happenings

Book reviews, as always. I have a new Have You Met… featuring another author scheduled. As for the rest, who knows? Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween.

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