Book Synopsis: Yay or Nay?


When I first started blogging in the beginning of 2019, I really had no idea what I was doing. I just knew I wanted to read books and write reviews. Some of my early reviews were pretty horrid. Some contained spoilers. Some had a synopsis. Some did not. Some had the original synopsis from Goodreads. And some just had a link to Goodreads.

As I continue my blogging quest, I find myself constantly trying to figure out what works best for reviews, what doesn’t work at all, and so on.

Recently on Instagram and Twitter, I asked the question…..

When reading a book review, do you want:

A) The actual synopsis from Goodreads, a retailer or the actual book

B) A synopsis from the Reader’s POV

C) No synopsis

Results of My Unscientific Study

Based on 73 votes and/or comments:

  • 49% of readers prefer a synopsis from the Reader’s POV.
  • 37% of readers prefer a synopsis from Goodreads or the actual book
  • 14% of readers prefer no synopsis at all because if the review sounds interesting, they are going to look it up themselves.

Other Findings

  • If a blogger is leaving a book review on Instagram, the synopsis should be short and sweet because the reader really wants to know your thoughts more.
  • If a blogger is leaving a book review on an actual blog, readers tend to like either the blogger’s POV or the actual synopsis.
  • If a blogger is leaving a book review on Goodreads, no synopsis is required.
  • One commentators suggested writing an emoji synopsis which sounds both equally fun and extremely challenging.
  • 99% DO NOT WANT spoilers. Synopsis and book reviews should be spoiler free.
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As we are all different and as we all have different wants and needs, there is no right or wrong answer to this question because it is based 100% on preference.

Personally, I think different formats call for different answers and am leaning towards the following:

  • Instagram: 2-3 sentences about the book from my POV
  • Blog: Synopsis from Goodreads (not just the link)
  • Goodreads: No synopsis (which I’ve always done)

Special thanks to all of the commentators and voters. My unscientific study shows that most reader’s want some time of synopsis. Take that piece of information as you will.

What about you? What are your thoughts? Comment below and let the world know!

10 comments on “Book Synopsis: Yay or Nay?”

  1. Personally I prefer a synopsis from the reader/bloggers POV. If I’m interested in the book I will look it up on goodreads. I don’t feel like many bloggers have found a way to incorporate a goodreads synopsis with finesse and it makes the entire post look clunky and occasionally difficult to read.


  2. I use the Goodreads ones in my synopsis part of my review because I am afraid of saying too much/too little in my own. But I do sometimes do a short synopsis in the section where I share my thoughts


  3. I’m learning that the reader’s POV is preferred too, so I am going to start working on including that more. I have always hated writing synopsizes BUT I will make more of an effort going forward.


  4. I always use the Goodreads synopsis, but that’s because I think it fits with the formatting of my reviews? Also never had any interest in trying to write them myself. I’m always scared of accidentally spoiling something, haha.


  5. I like the synopsis from Reader’s POV or just some key words! I rarely read GR synopsis before reading the book anyway so I only scroll through it but I guess it fits some people’s aesthetic on their blogs, lol! 😀


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