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Let’s talk about my love for Penny Reid. If you have followed me from the beginning or you just started as of late, you should or hopefully know that I have a deep love for all things Penny Reid. I’m 1000% sure that Penny can write a short story on a napkin about the weather and I would read it. Yes, my love is that deep.

Penny’s Winston Brother Series (who have been featured on my blog) and the Knitting in the City Series are fantastic and brilliant and just…different…from other romances.

So imagine my delight when Penny, a few years ago, announced a business plan for a theoretical “Penny-verse” in which writers can write books in the worlds of Penny Reid – whether it be in Green Valley where the Winston Brothers reside or Chicago where the Knitting Series takes place. And thus, Smartypants Romance was born.

Let’s fast forward to today. In just ONE day, the Smartypants Romance universe will begin with 12 new romances from writers of all types of shapes, sizes, backgrounds, ethnicities, etc!

What does this have to do with my blog? Well…… guessed it! I was granted permission to read a couple advance reader copies mostly in the Green Valley universe from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review. Not only does this let me live vicariously in Green Valley (Green Valley is the place to be), it also gives me a chance to check out a bunch of new-to-me authors.

In full disclosure, I did not sign up for all 12, although that would have been fantastic. Normally, there is a 50/50 chance of approval and I didn’t want to take to the risk nor did I want to be greedy. So far, I have been approved for 5 of 6. I am waiting to hear on one more of which I really hope I get because it is the one I want to read more than any other (Hint: It’s super bright pink).

Launch #1 Title & Authors: October/November 2019

  • Baking Me Crazy | Karla Sorenson | Donner Bakery Series
  • Stud Muffin | Jiffy Kate | Donner Bakery Series
  • No Whisk, No Reward | Ellie Kay | Donner Bakery Series
  • Love in Due Time | LB Dunbar | Green Valley Public Library
  • Crime and Periodicals | Nora Everly | Green Valley Public Library
  • Prose before Bros | Cathy Yardley | Green Valley Public Library
  • Shelf Awareness | Katie Ashley | Green Valley Public Library
  • Happy Trail | Daisy Prescott | Park Ranger
  • My Bare Lady | Piper Sheldon | Scorned Woman Society
  • Weight Expectation | ME Carter | Cipher Office
  • Sticking to the Script | Stella Weaver | Cipher Office
  • Code of Conduct | April White | Cipher Security

More Information on Smartypants Romance

For more information on Smartypants Romance, visit the following:

Smartypants Romance Website:

Collaborating Authors:


Launch Two will commence in April 2020.

Winston Love

If you need a refresher, here are the links to my Winston Brothers related blog posts:


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