Fall Into September

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September has come and gone. Summer officially ended and Autumn began.

It’s always a busy month here at Jennifer Mitchell, Bibliolater so let’s get down to this month’s recap.

Before we begin, I’m an Amazon affiliate (until I get kicked out 😂)…so if you are interested in purchasing these books, click on the pictures below. If not, it’s cool. No big deal. To read my reviews, click on the title of the book.


Handle With Care | Helena Hunting | Romance

The Friend Zone | Abby Jimenez | Romance

29 Seconds | TM Logan | Thriller

Generation Friends | Saul Austerlitz | Nonfiction

The Tenth Girl | Sara Faring | YA

Beard With Me | Penny Reid | Fiction

Kiss Me Tonight | Emma Hart | Romance

Jennifer Mitchell, Bibliolater September Awards & Accolades

Five Star Reviews: The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez and Beard With Me by Penny Reid

Book that RIPPED my Heart Out & Stomped All Over It: Beard With Me by Penny Reid. This book…this book was one wild, emotional ride.

Most Nostalgic: Generation Friends by Saul Austerlitz

Book Lists, Spotlights & Blog Tours, Oh My!

Did you see the awesome book list 5 Spooky & Creepy Reads? This book list was a collaborative effort. Three other wonderful bloggers put in their insights. It is full of books to put you in an autumn-like, Halloween-ish mood. Be sure to check it out AND check out the other blogger’s web pages as well.

Have You Met…? – an author / special guest star feature posted for the first time this month. Jennifer Ann Shores, independent YA author extraordinaire, was the first contributor. I am super excited to start this feature – no matter how difficult it may be.

Blog Tours: When I first started my blog, I featured a lot of blog tours. Then once I got the hang of blogging, I decided to slowly phase blog tours to a couple of times a month in different genres. In case you missed it, this month I featured the following:

  • Traci Finlay, The Falling of Stars – Thriller
  • Tosca Lee, A Single Light – Thriller
  • Max Monroe, The Billionaire Book Club – Romance

Last Day – get your 1st BOTM YA Box for $5!

Today is the last day to get your first Book of the Month YA box for $5. Click on the picture below and use promo code YALIT to save up to 66% of the normal retail price.

As an affiliate, I strong encourage you to do so. You can get a book for hardcover book for just $5. BOTM YA will allow you to skip months / pause your membership at any time. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS AWESOME DEAL TODAY!


October is Blogtober. Per the unspoken rules (No – it’s not “The First Rule of Blogging is to never speak of Blogging), a blogger must post daily. And as much as I would love to do this, I am more of a quality over quantity kinda person – not saying that bloggers cannot give you both. I’m just not as experienced as some and that’s ok, right? Right.

I do, however, have some fun items coming your ways besides my normal book reviews. Book reviews are always a given.

And as always, Happy Reading!

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