ARC Review: Generation Friends

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Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show That Defined a Television Era

By: Saul Austerlitz

Genre: Nonfiction

Rating: ✨✨✨✨

Special thanks to NetGalley, Penguin Group Dutton and Saul Austerlitz for a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.


If I had to title this book as an episode with Friends, I would name it – The One With All the Memories. As a HUGE fan of Friends – I own all ten season on DVD and have even pre-ordered some items from the Pottery Barn 25th anniversary collection but not that apothecary table – I found myself reminiscing about the show a lot. The memories brought a smile to my face and provided a few surprises as well.

Generation Friends takes the time to not only captivate the essence of the show and review each season’s biggest episodes including the ballad of Ross and Rachel, it also discusses what it was like to be behind the scenes from the writers to the producers to the design teams (both set and wardrobe) to the auditions to contract negotiations, etc. I never realized how many big name actors and actresses auditioned for a part. It is fun imagining how the dynamic and the show’s success could have all been different with one simple change in cast.

My biggest love regarding Generation Friends and what Saul Austerlitz really seems to get is that Friends worked and still works because it is an escape from reality. To this day, I still watch the reruns on TBS. It is still my go to show. I know all the episodes and a lot of the lines. Friends has the wonderful ability to bring a sense of nostalgia to its viewers. I watched it religiously with my friends in high school and then in college. Times were simpler and so was Friends. Saul Austerlitz captures the sentiment perfectly.


A very fun, fascinating read for all Friends Fans. It’s a lot of fun

Generation Friends is LIVE TODAY – GET YOUR COPY!

Hardcover | Ebook


I am slightly obsessed with Friends myself if you cannot tell by now. It always seems to provide a laugh when I need it. So here are five fun facts about me: Friends Edition.

Fact One: The One with My Favorite Episode – The One With the Embryos. Not only is it such a great episode for Phoebe, it features the BEST game ever. I can say the answers and repeat the lines verbatim. I love the outcome of the game too.

Fact Two: The One With My Favorite Character – I can’t pick just one…but I can pick three: Rachel, Phoebe and Joey are all my favorites.

Fact Three: The One With The Unpopular Opinion – I could have totally gotten behind Joey and Rachel as a couple if it was written as more of a slow burn. The episodes where Joey realizes his feelings for Rachel and then tells Ross gets me right in the feels every time.

Fact Four: The One With The Feminist OpinionFriends ended on top with season ten. And the last episode was pretty freaking perfect. BUT, now-a-days I view it a little differently. Why did Rachel have to give up her DREAMS and her job to be with Ross? Why couldn’t Ross be the one to give it all up? Could he not have gotten a leave of absence or gone on sabbatical? Could he not have gone ON A BREAK with the university? Just saying.

Fact Five: The One With The Most Iconic Lines – Do you have lines from the show that still jump into your head from time to time? Or is that just me? Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Hes’s her Lobster!
  • Pivot!
  • What was Joey’s imaginary friend’s name? Maurice. What was his occupation? Space Cowboy!
  • I really could go on and on here..but I’ll stop at 3.

Hope you add this book to your TBR!

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