Book Review: The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone

By: Abby Jimenez

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Quote: Relationship Status: It’s Complicated


The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez may be listed as a romantic comedy but it is so much more. Is it a story about two people falling in love? Yes. However, it’s complicated and so freaking emotional as it covers not only infertility but loss too.

Kristen, due to her infertility issues, puts Josh in the friend zone. Josh wants a big family and although the two slowly fall in love, their dreams in life are different not by choice but by chance. This causes a lot of angst between our beloved main characters. Kristen, who at one point of the story has a boyfriend (don’t worry – no cheating), never really tells Josh about her issues so Josh believes his feelings are one-sided.

Kristen and Josh’s romance is a slow burn. Their attraction is instantaneous. They even enter a friends-with-benefits situation. But it’s not enough. Their unrequited love for each other slowly burns in the background. When the two finally hit their breaking point, the emotion just oozes off the pages. It is both gut wrenching and brutal.

Then….Abby Jimenez throws a wrench into the entire plot and I cried. And cried. And cried. But I cannot reveal as to why, Reader. It is a spoiler and I am afraid the story won’t be that same if you don’t experience it for yourself.

Abby Jimenez’s writing is so witty. Both Kristen and Josh have the most awesome banter. It is funny and sarcastic. A few times I busted out laughing. Kristen is a firecracker!

Recommendation: A Must Read. Five brilliant stars.

Bookish Tip: Have tissues on hand!

Favorite Passages / Scenes

For this book review, I’m testing out a new feature: a list of my favorite passages or scenes that you can look forward to when reading or re-read if you have already read The Friend Zone. Let me know how you like it in the comments.

  • Chapter 26, pages 230-235
  • The start of Chapter 37 to the first scene break

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