ARC / Book Review: 29 Seconds

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29 Seconds

By: T.M. Logan

Genre: Thriller

Rating: ✨✨✨

Synopsis Provided By Goodreads

Give me one name. One person. And I will make them disappear . . . 

When Sarah rescues a young girl in trouble, she expects nothing in return. But her act of bravery puts a powerful and dangerous man in her debt. He lives by his own brutal code, and all debts must be repaid – in the only way he knows how.

He offers Sarah a way to solve a desperate situation with her intolerable boss. A once-in-a-lifetime deal that will make all her problems disappear.

No consequences. No comeback. No chance of being found out.

All it takes is a 29 second phone call.

Because everyone has a name to give. Don’t they?

29 Seconds releases on September 10, 2019


I won an advance copy thru a giveaway hosted by St Martin’s Press. This review is not in exchange for an honest review. However, I am honest in all my reviews so although it shouldn’t matter that I won the ARC, I wanted to fully disclose it for my own integrity.

29 Seconds by TM Logan is one helluva revenge plot full of little twists and turns that will keep you guessing from page one.

The story is told in 3 parts plus an epilogue all from Sarah’s point of view.

In Part One, Sarah, a single mom with a philandering, absentee husband, works under the prestigious Dr. Alan Hawthorne. The university and the public love him. However, Dr. Alan Hawthorne is not the man the public believes he is. Dr. Hawthorne is a closet sexual harasser. He preys on his female employees and holds their careers over their heads. He is a vile, creepy pervert and you guessed it…he has his warped eyes set on Sarah.

Dr. Hawthorne is the WORST character I have read in a long time. I loathed reading the scenes between Sarah and him. He humiliates her and belittles her. He steals her leads and passes her over for promotions. And his “friends”, aka the Dean and the HR Director, are just as bad. They are in a full out good ole boys’ club. I give T.M. Logan all the credit in the world for writing that disgusting jerk.

After Sarah rescues a small child from abduction, her already tilting on its axis world turns upside down. Dr. Hawthorne’s harassment gets worse. Her husband won’t answer any texts or answer any phone calls. And she is being stalked by a blank faced man….

This is where I have to stop, Reader. I do not want to divulge too much detail. Divulging will lead to spoils and this review needs to stay spoiler free for your best interest.

So why only three stars? I really struggled to get through Part II. The plot became a bit too redundant and unrealistic for my liking. There was too much back and forth could possibly be condensed. There are also not enough twists and turns to keep my interest (until the very end of it). I totally realize I am generalizing here but remember…NO SPOILERS!

At the very end of Part II and for the rest of the story, my mind was back into 29 Seconds. I love the ending – how it ends, the key players, the plot twists, Sarah’s pure determination. Sarah takes control of her situation and does what she has to do. It’s original and well thought out. Revenge could not get much sweeter than that.

ONE MORE THING….Part III has a few scenes that are really painful to read as a woman. Although there is no rape, it comes extremely close to crossing that line. Spoilerish or not, I cannot write a review without some type of content warning. It gets pretty rough.


Although there are a lot of readers who will like 29 Seconds and rate it higher than me, I am sticking to my 3 star rating. TM Logan’s writing and plot is original and that deserves a lot of credit. But, meh. 29 Seconds just wasn’t for me.

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