ARC / Book Review: Sidelined

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By: Suzanne Baltsar

Releases tomorrow, August 27!

Genre: Romance

Rating: ✨✨✨✨

Want to read the synopsis?: Goodreads


I have read a lot of romance novels in my day and none have been so empowering for women as this one. I absolutely loved the entire book. I laughed, I cried, I felt empowered…Sidelined made me want to unleash my inner baddy and let it shine.

Coach Charlotte “Charlie” Gibb is just a bad ass (can I say bad ass in a review?). Her entire life has been an uphill battle because of her gender. She has spent all of it pushing the fold as a player, as a daughter, as a coach. Men don’t like her because she is good at what she does. Most women don’t accept her because they assume she isn’t feminine enough. All of this forces Charlie to be in her own box. Honestly, Charlie shines in her own box. She rolls with the punches. She stands up for herself. She is tough and fierce and motivating. The more I read, the more truly amazing Charlie became.

The banter between Carter and Charlie is priceless. Their pushing and pulling causes so much sexual tension. Their banter is just enough to not be overwhelming, too. When they fight, readers won’t know if it will end it a kiss or with one walking away. I’m not sure Carter and Charlie even know!


As a first time reader, I am impressed….So very impressed by the works of Suzanne Baltsar. Her one liners about the opposite sex had me in hysterics. Plus Charlie is inspiring. Once finished, I immediately added Trouble Brewing, her first novel, to my TBR shelf. I can’t wait to read Sonja and Bear’s story too.

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