Book Review: The Accidental Girlfriend

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Copyright Jennifer Mitchell, Bibliolater

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

“I was probably the only woman I knew who didn’t have a type. Dark hair, light hair, no hair—tall, not so tall, muscular, lean, whatever.”


Emma Hart is a true gem. Her books always have quirky characters that make you laugh out loud for their ridiculous tendencies and for the string of words that leave their mouths. The same characters, who appear to be hot messes, also have these total swoon-worthy romantic moments that will make your heart melt. The Accidental Girlfriend is no different.

Lauren, after a night of drinking with girlfriends, puts an ad online to be a fake girlfriend. I mean, we’ve all been there, right? Mason, after some badgering and colluding from his sister, takes her up on the offer. Because, what not? And thus, let the Emma Hart variety of shenanigans begin!

My biggest love of this book is the banter between Mason and Lauren. Lauren is so shameless and has such a crude sense of humor. She is rib-tickling, laugh out loud funny. While most men may run far, far away, Mason takes it all in stride and dishes it right back (I LOVE THIS). They are perfect together.

Mason’s family, however, definitely attempts to steal the show. They are a bunch of LOONS. LOONS, Reader. Life with an extended family like that is never dull. Most families have one person that is straight bonkers. You know what I am talking about because you are thinking of that person right now. However, Mason’s family is all NUTS. I never laughed so hard.


Emma Hart has got to be a hoot to hang with. If you ever come to the States, Emma, let’s hang out. The Accidental Girlfriend is perfect summer beach or poolside read. It’s light and fluffy and funny. Just don’t have a mouthful of coffee or tea or water while reading……

One last thing……I cannot finish this review without confessing that The Accidental Girlfriend has taken the lead for favorite book of Emma Hart’s since Being Brooke (Being Brooke is still my fav, though). There I said it.

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