ARC / Book Review: City of Windows

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Genre: Crime Thriller

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Special thanks to Minotaur Books for a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Spoiler Free Review

City of Windows by Robert Pobi is an intriguing, twist-turning crime thriller in the streets of New York City. Dr. Lucas Page, a former FBI agent turned college professor, is pulled back into the FBI when his old partner is killed by a rogue sniper. However, the sniper is not done and begins a killing spree that puts the entire city on edge.

Dr. Lucas Page, the hero, is a mathematical genius who is shamelessly ill-tempered. He doesn’t like stupid and lets people know. I get the sense that he wouldn’t really like any of the us but somehow his demeanor is oddly humorous.

Dr. Page is also a HUGE family man. I took an immediate liking to his wife and both of their generous hearts. They foster and adopt children to give them a wonderful home. Robert Pobi does an amazing job including the family in the story. It makes Dr. Page a whole lot more tolerable/likable.

Agent Alice Whitaker, Dr. Page’s unofficial partner, is one tough woman. She takes crap from no one. I immediately loved her. The duo’s back and forth banter is pretty perfect….sometimes endearing, sometimes ball busting, sometimes down right funny.

Like any good thriller, City of Windows has a great plot in a prominent setting with a few twists and turns no one will see coming.

So why did I not give it a 5-star review? There are 2 reasons…….

Although City of Windows is a very well written, extremely detailed plot, there is a portion of the book where I felt like it rambles a bit. There is a chapter or two that were not necessary to the overall story. I felt like they are thrown into the story for political reasons…almost to the point that I DNF. While those chapters occur, the story slows a bit. But I persevered and am SO, SO glad that I did.

Without spoiling anything, there is one of the many, many plot twists where the reasoning behind it felt lame….Wow, I put that rather harshly. So let me just say that it was a bit of a let down. When you are finished reading this book, email me / DM me on Instagram. I can reveal to you my thoughts and we can chat about it.


It’s summer and it is so, so hot. City of Windows takes place in winter where it is brutally cold in the North East. Read it to cool yourself off!

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