What do you call a Hogwarts professor who goes to the beach?

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Answer: A sandwitch (That joke is for you, my Harry Potter friends!)

July has been such a great month. I’ve hit all time highs on blog views this month (THANK YOU). I introduced more variety including a couple of thrillers thanks to my new partnership with Minotaur Books (HI, Minotaur!). And I made a few book lists including one that was a collaborative effort with other bloggers.

July Book Reviews

Clicking on the image and purchasing the product through the link will provide a small commission from qualifying purchases (to buy more books, of course!) at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

The First Mistake | Sandie Jones | Thriller

Last Summer | Kerry Lonsdale | Thriller

The Girl He Used To Know | Tracey Garvis Graves | Fiction

Buried | Ellison Cooper | Suspense Thriller

Dear Anna | Katie Blanchard | Thriller

My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend | Max Monroe | Romance

Next Year in Havana | Chanel Cleeton | Fiction

Jennifer Mitchell, Bibliolater July Awards & Accolades

Five Star Reviews: Last Summer, Buried and The Girl He Used to Know

Favorite New-To-Me Author: Katie Blanchard! Not only did I really enjoy Dear Anna, Katie is a really personable writer who reaches out and talks to fans through social media. I love when authors interact.

Mind-blowing Book: Last Summer….I’m still not over that twist of an ending. I’m not sure I will ever be.

Fun Booklists

Did you read any of the book lists that were featured this July? If not or if you want a refresher, see the links below……


In August, I am a co-host for a Retelling-A-Thon with Tay @ Frayed Books (the host), Harker @ Hermit Librarian and Umairah @ Sereadipity. For more information and to sign up, see the links below! Sign ups have re-opened and will remain open until the end of the day on July 31 (today!).

Upcoming August Features

Per my travel announcement yesterday, I will be chasing sunshine in the beginning of the month. However, there will still be a few posts here and there to get your through my travel plans.

August is Retelling-A-Thon month so expect a posting of my TBR for you all to see. And as always, there will be several ARC and book reviews of all kinds of genres.

For those who missed out on my first collaborative book list, be on the look out for a new announcement soon. I have a book list theme in mind and will be looking for collaborators.

Want more bookish fun from me? Follow me on Instagram or Twitter. I’m on their almost daily.

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