ARC / Book Review: Dear Anna

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Dear Anna

By: Katie Blanchard

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Special thanks to Katie Blanchard for an advanced reader’s copy of Dear Anna in exchange for an honest review.


Dear Anna by Katie Blanchard is a dark, twisted revenge thriller full of lies, deceit and a side of dry humor. Half of the time my mind worried about the sanity of all the main characters while the other half was spent chuckling at all the side comments.

Hold up…I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Author

Bless Katie Blanchard, her imagination, and the off the wall research she had to do for this book. I would love to see her browsing history and also….I think we need to be friends. The three major characters in Dear Anna are all crazy….like clinically insane. They are not right in the head. They are not nice people and all three have the audacity to commit unbearable and insufferable acts towards people without shame.

I question your own sanity, Katie. (I’m joking…or am I? No really – I’m joking…..)

The Players

Since I can’t really talk about the story without spoilers, let me entice you into reading Dear Anna by discussing the characters.

Medeia: The wife of John who is the victim of John’s infidelity. Medeia gave up everything for John..and I mean EVERYTHING: family, friends, money, a job. She goes to therapy for John. So when she witnesses John’s infidelity firsthand, she develops a master plan to get revenge.

Medeia’s actions are justifiable (?)…I mean – no, they really aren’t – but Katie writes Medeia in a way that makes you empathize with her. Eventually you get a sense of pride for Medeia as you “watch” her take her life back.

But, Reader….Medeia is not right. She is, however, HILARIOUS with her side comments and inner dialogue. Her plan has a lot of humor in it too. She made me laugh so often that I actually really like her.

John: Medeia’s husband who is an egotistical rich jerk that’s too worried about his image. That’s a complete and total understatement. I actually have many R rated words for John but let’s keep this review PG. He a liar and a manipulator that gives Medeia so many underhanded comments and treats her so poorly that it’s a wonder why Medeia even married him in the first place.

Anna: the MISTRESS….the total witch (again PG version of my feelings) who basically flirts and….rhymes with ducks…. to get what she wants. She’s a bad person….a sucky, sucky person. Anna doesn’t care that she hurts people as long as she gest what she wants when she wants it. She’s so selfish. And that’s all I’m gonna say.


Medeia’s plan master plan is pretty brilliant…..BUT does the master plan work? Does she ultimately succeed? That’s for me to know and you to READ the book! No, really…READ the book.

Click on the image to purchase a copy of Dear Anna now!

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