Come Join Us In August for a Retelling-A-Thon!!!

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Calling all book worms, book dragons, and fans of re-tellings! You are cordially invited to join a Re-Telling-A-Thon during the month of August!

The Re-Telling-A-Thon (#ReTelllingAThon on social media) will be hosted by Tay at Frayed Books and co-hosted by Harker at The Hermit Librarian, Umairah at Sereadipity and me, JM Bibilolater!

Re-Telling-A-Thon Details

During the month of August, readers will chose the week or weeks they would like to participate in from the following four categories: Mythology, Fairytales, Shakespeare and the Classics.

A point system will not be used. This is more of a friendly competition with yourself to see how many re-tellings you can read within a week or a month. However, at the end of each week, there will be a GIVEAWAY for a book related to that specific category!

Specific prompts for various retellings based on this Epic Reads graphic will be provided to readers to help plan their TBR list and final stats.

Stats will be tracked weekly on Twitter using the hashtag #ReTellingAThon.

Readers can sign up using this form and choose a team to be on.

Next week, we will begin posting the prompts so you can start to fill your TBRs! Please feel free to use the hashtag #ReTellingAThon on social media to generate the buzz!


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