It’s time to crown a new BOOK BOYFRIEND!

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Book Boyfriend: a fictional man who would easily make the most swoon-worthy / most dreamy / most perfect boyfriend or husband if said fictional man was real.

Today I am honoring a man whom I deem as book boyfriend material…the one and only…drum roll, pleaseCletus Byron Winston (I think Cletus would definitely approve).

Credit: All graphics were provided and therefore owned by Penny Reid

ALL the Reasons: Cletus Winston is a pure, bearded mastermind. He’s an evil genius with a lovable heart. His actions and meddling albeit highly inappropriate at times are all for the greater good of his love ones. He may seem like a rough and tough odd ball but he’s got a big soft heart for his people. His talents include: covertly taking down bullies, playing the banjo, and restoring cars. Added bonus: He makes his own sausage (let the sausage jokes fly!)

Where can you find Cletus? Beard Science (Winston Brothers #3) by Penny Reid AND Engagements and Espionage: Handcrafted Mysteries #1 coming in 2020!

Want to purchase Beard Science from Penny Reid? Click on the novel picture for a direct link.

Fun Fact: I have lost count on how many times I have either read Beard Science on my Kindle or listened to it on audio book. It is truly my FAVORITE all time Penny Reid book. I sometimes even listen to it when I run in the mornings (that’s a little weird, isn’t?). With all that said….I have a sneaky feeling Billy Winston will give Cletus a run for his money in October.

For All The Other Winstons: Did you know that Cletus Winston is just one of SEVEN Winstons? To discover ALL the Winstons, CLICK HERE.

For more information on Penny Reid whom I adore with all my heart and who has a way to slip into other blog posts of mine: Click HERE.

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