Spotlight: Autumn Jones Lake & The Lost Kings MC Series

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Photo Credit / Copyright: Autumn Jones Lake

In the middle of the night roughly 2 years ago, I had just gotten my toddler back to sleep and was totally WIRED. So, I scrolled down my Amazon recommendations and saw a box set on sale called Road to Royalty (Lost Kings MC Box Set): Limited Edition Lost Kings MC Books #1 – #3. Now normally I would have probably just skipped right by it but the Book Gods and Goddesses were looking out for me that night and I immediately one-clicked it.

What I found was a little piece of motorcycle heaven wrapped in what is now almost 13 books. The Lost Kings MC Series is not like any other MC series I have read. It is the only one I have 100% devoured. It is the only one I am 100% loyal to as well. I simply fell in love.

What drew me in back on that fateful (just kidding) night was the main heroine of the series. I am Hope. I’m not a lawyer like she is but we are so similar in other ways, it is kind of eerie. I’m a little naive yet super smart. I have a positive outlook on life. Yet, I am also pretty damn fierce and can be a total momma bear when needed. You don’t mess with my people. Like Hope, I’ve never been on a motorcycle (it’s on the bucket list). I’ve never dreamed of a life in a MC unless that MC had Jax Teller or Opie Winston and I was living in Charming, CA. For the record, I still don’t but this series has provided such a wonderful outlet for my imagination….. I would happily enter the land of the Lost Kings especially if that meant I could have Rock or Z. 😉

Autumn makes ALL the characters feel so they could be your friends or your neighbors or even the random strangers you pass in the grocery store. Each character has their own unique back story. Each has overcome many obstacles to become the individuals that they are. Both male and female characters are built to be fierce as individuals which makes them even fiercer as a unit.

The Lost Kings are about love and family. They are supportive of each other. They protect each other. Their loyalty runs deep.

The series includes romance with really hot and steamy scenes; there is action, adventure, mystery and even some comedy. Autumn throws in twists and turns in every book. She, the little sneak, even likes to write in a few surprises that no one EVER sees coming (Readers know what I’m hinting at LOL).

You can start the series for free with Slow Burn: Click Here. I HIGHLY recommend it!!


Autumn Jones Lake is the one of the most lovable and charming authors I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. I am a total fan. I adore her. I admire her. She treats her readers as family just like her MC characters. She frequents her Lost Kings MC Lounge often where she gives her readers new release information, sneak peaks, teasers, etc. A lot of times she pops in just to ask you about your day or to taunt you with cryptic messages after attending a writing conference. Her husband, RW Lake, connects with the group as well. He like to do giveaways and likes to join in on the conversations too. He’s so supportive of Autumn and her writing. It is really sweet.

As for the members of the Facebook group? They are some of the most non-judgmental, supportive and EXTREMELY fun individuals. They are my kind of people.

What Other Readers / LOKI FB Members are saying:

“The Lost Kings MC is my all-time favorite books series; I LOVE my LOKI! What’s not to love? Autumn is such a talented writer; the stories get better and better as time goes on. Lost Kings are classy-dirty with the perfect mix of humor, twists, love, action, hot sex (waggling my eyebrows) and so much more. She definitely keeps us readers on our toes, there is never a dull moment in the LOKI world. I am grateful for Autumn and her books. They have brought me so much joy and entertainment over the years. I am grateful for Mr. Lake for all he does for us readers by doing giveaways and supporting Autumn so she can give us these amazing stories. I was fortunate enough to meet the power couple at MMM19 and they are just as sweet, kind and interactive with the readers in person as they are in the LOKI reader group. Autumn puts a lot of hard work, love, detail and dedication into each and every book she writes. I hope this series NEVER ends! #RockisMYfox!” – Melissa M.

“The LOKI series is phenomenal, and it draws you in. It makes you feel as if you’re at the family dinners and are a part of the family. Autumn has done an amazing job of building this series and the characters in it that you honestly never want to put the books down.” – Tawni S.

“Autumn is the best blind “one-click” I have ever done and Autumn saved me. I fell in love with her LOKI family and never left it. Her books got me through cancer treatment, and still gets me through treatment now. The LOKI world means love, loyalty, family, strength, and the privilege of never wondering if someone has your back. This is a family by choice which keeps growing through each new book and I fall in love all over again. Autumn writes books where the men fiercely love their women and LOKI ladies are always looked out for through anything. Autumns says she created a world that she’d like to have but the truth is she gave us all a world to go to when life gets to be too much. I hope she never stops writing this series and I tell everyone to buy the whole series – they’ll never regret it.” – Kendis L.

New Release – Zero Regrets – Coming May 16

Zero Regrets, Lost Kings MC #13 is releasing on May 16. It is the conclusion to Angus “Zero or Z” Frazier’s book, Zero Tolerance. Update – May 14: It is now Part 2 of 3 books for Z!! We in the lounge have been counting down the days! No pressure, Autumn!

For more on Autumn and her Lost Kings series visit one (or all) of the following:





Photo Credit / Copyright: Autumn Jones Lake

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  1. What a wonderful, well deserved article! I’m a voracious LOKI fan from way back, because this is the best MC Romance series I have ever read! The outside world ceases to exist when a LOKI book comes out. I too, hope this series never ends because I feel like the characters are family and I love catching up with them with every book. :0)


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