Shameless Plug: The Bookish Shop

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Reader, I did a thing. I was mindlessly scrolling thru my Instagram feed (@jm_bibliolater) and came across a GRAB BAG SALE. And of course, I bought one for, let’s just say….REASONS.

I can’t just leave it at that, can I? No? OK… here are my reasons:

  1. It was an impulse buy and I have NO regrets. I don’t have a monthly box subscription anywhere on the interwebs but I love seeing all the colorful gems other fellow bloggers get through them….I WANT those gems.
  2. I did it in the name of science….Not really – but I was hoping it would set up a new shameless plug……
  3. If I chose the mini grab bag (of which I did) I would received $50 worth of book items for $25. Bargain shopping!
  4. I was intrigued by the magical aura of their site. Yes, the Magic. The Bookish Shop features a lot of fantasy / fairy tale items anywhere from Harry Potter to Sarah J Maas to Peter Pan. They have other items that are not of the fantasy variety as well and they have a wide range of categories: T-shirts, Accessories, Drink ware, Home Items, Pins and Patches, etc.

Were my reasons valid enough for you? Yes? No? Either way, I bought the mini grab bag and here is what I received: a t-shirt that says “Fairest of them all”, a black cat pen, a super cute tote bag, a heart necklace (sorry it’s hard to see) and a beautiful sticker which coincidentally has one of my favorite quotes.

All in all, I love my purchase. I am unsure how often The Bookish Shop does grab bag sales but what I do know is that you get more for less, there are different levels of grab bags and you can customize your order depending on your fandom or depending on your preferences. For the record, I placed my order without preference just to see what I would get. I like the element of surprise.

Until the next grab bag sale, go check out their other merchandise items, their specialty boxes and/or their monthly subscription boxes. You can find The Bookish Shop on their website: or on Instagram: @thebookishbox.

Disclaimer: This is a completely shameless plug. I do not receive anything for sharing. No money, no free books, no fame. I only do this to promote things that I find entertaining in hope my readers do too.

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