One Night with her Roommate: A Novella

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Genre: Romance Novella

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 (when comparing to other novellas)

Review: Sometimes when I am: a) in a reading rut / in a major book hangover, b) want a quick romantic story, c) want a super cute, not so emotional read (say after reading Colleen Hoover..Love her!), or d) don’t have time for a full fledged novel but need to keep feeding my READING ADDICTION, I turn to Noelle Adams.

Noelle Adams has a writing style that speaks to me. She tells a great story with in a small amount of pages (71 in this particular novella). I’ve always appreciated writers who can do that. Not all novels can be 350 pages. Do I like long novels? Yes. Love them. Need them. Can’t live my life without them. However, it is nice to have a change every once in awhile too.

One Night with Her Roommate is book #5 in the One Night Series. It follows the story of Meg and East. Meg has a good job with hopes and dreams. She’s also a little neurotic. East is the quintessential slacker with no job. He’s a hot mess both physically and mentally. Their story starts right in the middle with Meg fighting her feelings for East. The two end up spending one hot and steamy night together after a tragic situation brings them closer. The morning after, Meg has a breakdown over what happened causing a right between them. And like a perfect romantic novella, the conflict is quickly resolved. HEA! (Side note: there is more to the story but there will be no spoilers this time).

Recommendation: Read for a short, happy read. The One Night Series is like a Hallmark movie……the stories end happily tied up in a nice little bow. Instant gratification.

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