Calling All Romance Readers

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Have you heard about Romance Read of the Month Club? I’ve been using it for over a year now thanks to a tidbit from Penny Reid (Have you read Penny Reid? She’s fabulous). It’s a free service that sends you a FREE romance book every month.

Free books? Is this legitimate? Yes. It is legitimate. The authors themselves give permission for the free downloads. I assume the authors do it as a way to promote themselves, to get new readers, etc.

What’s the catch? There is a tiny catch. When you download the book which comes via email and is downloaded through Bookfunnel, you will be asked to sign up for the author’s newsletters. Not a huge deal.

Last year, the club featured authors like Mariana Zapata and Penny Reid. This year, they are featuring Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Samantha Young, Jennifer Probst, Sarina Bowen, Julia Kent and many more!

As to the reasons why I am shamelessly plugging them? Reading for a hobby / book blogging is not cheap and I know a lot are on limited funds just like myself. (Side note: Wouldn’t be nice to have unlimited book funds?) Romance Read of the Month Club offers an avenue for you to receive free books besides the library or however else you may LEGITIMATELY AND LEGALLY obtain your free books. Plus with all the disturbing piracy issues happening in Romancelandia these days, we as readers need to make sure we are doing things the right way. 😊

For more information or to sign up, go to

Disclaimer: This is a completely shameless plug. I do not receive anything for sharing. No money, no free books, no fame. I only do this to promote things that I find entertaining in hope my readers do too.

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