Mine Till Midnight

Genre: Regency Romance

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

“I have you for protection, do I not?” she pointed out. “Sweetheart,” he said with a softness that undercut the noise of the crowd, “I may be the one you most need protection from.”

Recap: With an unexpected inheritance, Amelia Hathaway finds meddling in her siblings lives more enjoyable than navigating the complexities of the ton. Amelia, a self proclaimed spinster due to a broken heart, rather tend to her brother and sisters than find a life of her own. When she meets Cam Rohan, she is instantly yet reluctantly drawn to him as he is to her. But Cam wants nothing more than to leave civilization and his “good luck” curse for the Gypsy life of freedom. Will Amelia allow herself to fall in love again? Will Cam give up his dream of freedom if it means he can have Amelia?

Review: I’m a little embarrassed to admit that this was the first book by Lisa Kleypas that I have read (I’m grinning sheepishly right now). I’ve read regency novels before….Julia Quinn, Anne Gracie, Maggie Fenton but never Lisa. And while I’m confessing, I’ve never read Sara Maclean either…I bring up Sarah because she is top notch in my book……

True Story: I reached out to the Twitterverse for help. I couldn’t decide between reading Mine by Midnight (Lisa) or Wicked and the Wallflower (Sarah) and wanted to see what others suggested. Well, guess who Sarah suggested? Lisa. For an author to suggest another author OVER herself makes her the coolest author ever.

Also yes, I had a typo in my Tweet…but you know Twitter does not allow you to edit 😦

 Back to the review…….This book is all kinds of swoon worthy. Lisa Kleypas is definitely a master of her trade. The Hathaways are an eccentric bunch that you cannot help but love. They tend to teeter between wanting to be part of the ton and wanting to be full out rebels. I love how they are always in each other’s business and how they do it out of love for each other and not for personal gain.

Amelia is the perfect heroine with flaws that are easily lovable. Cam has all the characteristics of a book boyfriend – he really is DREAMY. In fact, there is not a single character I find to be nerve grating…not Leo (the poor soul), not Frost (the villain) or Merripen (the brooding male). They are all simply charming.

Romance wise: It’s steamy AF.

Recommendation: Read it. It’s a great regency romance read. Mine Till Midnight also sets up the plot for book #2, Seduce Me at Sunrise. I’ll be sure to feature it soon.

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