Our Options Have Changed

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Rating: 🌟🌟 

Genre:  Contemporary / Romance

Review: I struggle giving this 2 stars meaning it could be 2.5 stars…possibly? The story is cute but it lacks a little depth. Chloe Browne is a thirty something year old successful design director at the O Spa. Her love life has not had the same success so she has bypasses the dream of a perfect man and is on the brink of entering single parenthood via adoption. Then like a true romance, the perfect man by the name of Nick Grafton, enters. The catch? Nick is a single dad, now empty nester who is looking forward to his freedom.    

The Negatives:

❌ Nick fell for Chloe ultra fast. I am one who prefers a slow burn but if I cannot have a slow burn then I want to be able to pinpoint where the characters started to fall for each other. But I couldn’t here. It felt too rushed for the length of the novel. There was one date and then BAM!

❌ The side characters: Nick’s twin daughters and Nick’s brother who just so happens to be Chloe’s high school boyfriend, were obnoxious. Chloe’s mom was too but I find her rather amusing.

❌ I admit I had a hard time finishing it.

The Positives:

❀ I love how Chloe know what she wants in life both professionally and personally and goes for it. I love her unstoppable demeanor. Most of all I love that she wants to be a mom and does it through adoption.

❀ The O Spa: What a clever concept. Do these businesses exist?

❀ Chloe’s friends were so supportive of her goal to be a mom.

❀ The writers nailed what it is like to be a mom with a newborn. You don’t know what day it is half the time. You are so sleep deprived and you are doing everything you can to cater to the baby while being afraid you are doing something wrong. Chloe, once she becomes a mother, is portrayed as all of that.

Recommendation: I don’t know. The story was cute but it lacked depth. There is a second book in the series but I’m going to pass on it. If you want a lite read with comedy, romance and a HEA, go for it. But if you want depth or simply just….more, don’t.

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