Extended Preview: Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

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Current Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 with the potential of more stars!

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Chick Lit

Review: Thanks to NetGalley, Helena Hunting and the Hachette Book Group, I was able to read the extended preview of Meet Cute. Meet Cute is a romantic comedy about a former childhood actor, Daxton Hughes and a former fan girl, Kailyn Flowers. The two share an embarrassing moment – well embarrassing moment for the fan girl – their first day of law school. Soon the two become friends and rivals until one betrays the other. Eight years later, Daxton needs legal help from Kailyn. He has become legal guardian of his teenage sister and is in over his head. Can Kailyn put her bias aside to help her former friend? 

I must confess that this is the first time reading the author’s work and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I went in with a clear mind and was pleasantly surprised when I began reading the Prologue. It was brilliant. I didn’t expect to laugh out loud so quickly. I had tears in my eyes! The rest of the preview has me really intrigued….a childhood actor who becomes a guardian of a teenager, a fan girl with a reluctant crush, an aunt who is acting suspicious and a conniving boss…..There’s so many ways this could play out.

Recommendation: A definite three star rating with potential to be way more. I look forward to reading the rest when Meet Cute releases. I’ll let you know my thoughts with a full review.

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