99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

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Genre: Romance / Contemporary Romance / Women’s Fiction / Chick Lit

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

“Everything. If you were mine, I’d do everything.”

Review: I admit it..I had pretty high hopes for this novel. I was so enthralled and fascinated with Sally Thorne’s first novel, The Hating Game that I automatically assumed this too would be a 5 star story. Is this unfair? Yes. It is totally unfair to Sally who worked so so hard on this novel.

With that being said, I still can only give 99 Percent Mine a three star rating. The story begins with Darcy Barrett and her twin brother, Jamie, inheriting their grandmother’s cottage. They hire Tom, Darcy’s crush and Jamie’s childhood best friend, to restore and sell the house. Then total chaos and flirtatious banter and swoon worthy moments ensue……

The Negatives:

πŸ’₯ Reader…..it took me 75% of the novel to come to terms / be OK with Darcy. I could not bond/connect with Darcy at all. She had spent the majority of her life running from her problems rather than facing them straight on (I’ m a Capricorn…we don’t do that). She has a heart condition that she ignores (who does that?). Her family and friends coddle her and treat her like she is a porcelain doll. And her attitude just (at least is the beginning) sucks 75% of the time.

πŸ’₯ Her twin brother, Jamie, is the total opposite of Darcy. He is rooted and has a successful job. However, Jamie is a total arrogant asshole. He belittles his sister constantly. He yells at her and treat her like trash. He always has to get his way. He is a man child. His love for his sister…if you can call it that…..is his only redeeming quality.

The Positives:

❀ Tom is a sweetheart. He really steals the show. He can come off as a little bit of a pushover…yet he has ambition and goals. He knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. He realizes his mistakes and makes an attempt to fix them. He is wholesome and loves unconditionally. And if loving the hell out of those two maniacs is his only flaw, I’ll take it.

❀ Sally Thorne’s Uniqueness: I loved how Sally wrote a house renovation as the main setting of the story. It is not a really common theme in any type of novel, especially not a romance novel. I also loved Darcy’s best friend’s underwear business (Underswears!!). I wanted to buy several pairs.

❀ The flirtatious banter was on point. It’s hilarious at times, sexy at other times and very swoon worthy.

❀ The HEA, of course!!

Would I recommend this book? Yea..I actually would. I did give it 3 stars. Sally Thorne has a great writing style. She takes the time for character development and has a way of making you feel like you are in the story. If you are in the mood for a solid romance, this book is it. And if that doesn’t convince you…..Tom makes for a really great book boyfriend. ❀

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