THE CHECKDOWN by Jamie Bennett

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The Checkdown

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Sports Romance

Rating (Out of 5): πŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

Sports are huge in my household. Therefore I am a sucker for a good sports romance and I love books with a “slow burn” even more.  But this book just didn’t do it for me.  Was there sports? Yes – football, cheerleading, mascoting (not a real word, I know). Was it a slow burn?  I guess?  I’m totally shrugging right now.  I felt the author’s writing was sub-par.  The writing didn’t have much depth to it so there wasn’t much character development or background.  I tried….I mean I really tried to get into this book. But I just couldn’t.  I had a really hard time believing the female lead, Katie, even had feelings for Davis, the male lead.  Davis was your typical a-hole of a jock in the beginning who soften as the book went on.  I felt like he liked Katie eventually but was it love?  You tell me.  No, really.  Please tell me because I felt nothing.

Side tangent:  Katie calls Davis several times a “real pill”.  A real pill?  Is this a thing people say?  I feel like that is something my 93 year old grandmother would say.  Is “real pill” making a comeback?

Conclusion:  I don’t think the book was downright horrible. It was just OK. However, if you want a light romance with sports and a slow burn with a HEA, this book may be for you.

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