the light we lost by Jill Santopolo

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The Light We Lost

Genre: Women’s Fiction / Chick Lit / Romance / Contemporary

Rating (Out of 5): 🌟

I like to think of myself as an half glass full kind of girl. I normally find myself liking or loving something about a book. I rarely give one star reviews. But THIS BOOK! No. Just No. I can’t even pretend to have liked it enough to give it 2 stars.

This rant (it’s going to be a rant more than a review because I just can’t with this book) will have *SPOILERS*. There is your warning.

Lucy, who is faced with a life alternating decision, narrates her love story with Gabe starting from the very beginning.

They meet on September 11, 2001 in NYC. They made a connection that day that bonded them forever. I get that. I totally get that as it was a day that connected a lot of people. I can tell you where I was and who I was with and what I was doing. I’m sure you can tell me all those things too. It was a HUGELY impactful day. Therefore, it is my patriotic duty to say that I do not take any issue with how they met. But the rest of the book….

Lucy and Gabe eventually end up dating and then break up when Gabe gets a job overseas taking photographs in the Middle East. Later, Lucy meets another man named Darren who is a perfectly good guy. He dotes on her for the most part. They marry, buy a home, have children, etc. But the plot isn’t about Lucy and Darren. (Side note: He is basically her side piece. That’s right…a husband that is the side piece.) The plot is about Lucy emotionally and physically cheating on her husband with Gabe. She justifies it. They both do. And it is disgusting and wrong and immature and selfish.

Lucy is so self absorbed that I want to scream. She isn’t likable. She is not relatable. She is irresponsible. She puts her own needs in front of her own family. She never should have married Darren nor had kids because she is so hung up on Gabe. Her only redeeming quality is her successful career producing a children’s show.

Gabe is just a straight schmuck. He is also so SELFISH. He is only about his career.
He doesn’t take Lucy’s feelings into consideration AT ALL. And only when he became tired of constantly being in a war zone did he suddenly regret losing Lucy.

The book caption says it is devastatingly romantic and an epic love story. It is not. It is just straight devastating and there is nothing epic about it. There is nothing romantic about two characters that only care about themselves. I was massively disappointed in this book. I listened to it via Audible on a 10 hour drive. I found myself in the car yelling at the narrator and then at Hello Sunshine who recommended the awful book. Only at the end did I have any sympathy for Lucy….sympathy that only lasted 30 seconds thanks to the final chapter.

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